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Healing slump

3 Things That Helped Me Get Out of My Recent Healing Slump

You’re healing. You’re feeling like you are doing great! This feeling is wonderful and your self love game is ON POINT.

Then…Something completely derails you.

I’m the self love educator, for crying out loud. I have spent my career working with students and adults to help them make sense of this world and fall in love with themselves, and I still feel this.

There are just weeks where I just have a VERY hard time remembering my own teachings. Here’s how I got back on track with my healing during a recent slump.

Remembered That Old Habits Take Time to Go Away

First, I remembered that I am healing, or maybe even healed, from those things that pull me under or take me away from being my highest self. Yet, I still have old habits in my brain that were in their meant to keep me safe.

Anger, defensiveness, lashing out, hiding, freezing, etc. These are all things that are physically wired into my brain that I must work with. When my own, old toxic behaviors come back, I noticed it accepted it.

The noticing was the hardest part because I have a tendency to blame others for my behaviors. I saw my old toxic pattern as a problem caused by the behavior of others.

Recognized That My Fearlessness is not a License to Harm

Secondly, I recognized that my healing was making me fearless. I love this fearless feeling, but it caused me some problems.

Suddenly, I was in a state of, “I’m going to just do me and I don’t care what others think.” This is all well and good, until I hurt a few people in ways I did not want to and was not being the person I expect myself to be.

In this case, I can be fearless, but I have to also remember my core values and who I want to show up as. I may not care what others think about me, but if my actions are not in line with my highest self, then I need to try to be conscious of any harm I cause.

Emotions Come and Go

Finally, all my frustrations were REAL for me. But, I also realized that they were MY frustrations. That person that I thought was being passive aggressive probably was, but how does my reaction impact our ability to problem-solve.

Remembering that emotions come and go was a serious moment for me, especially when my frustrations started to fade. They faded very quickly after I talked with a few trusted friends who helped me to see a different perspective. 

Emotions come and go, but the actions we take while caught up in them can have lasting consequences. Even though I felt like I had a RIGHT to be upset and frustrated, I knew it would fade and then what? Would my righteous indignation help anyone?

I labeled my emotions, meditated more, and noticed myself coming back into a calm state.

Overall, you have to decide how to get back on your healing journey even when you get derailed. But I wanted to share with you that you are not alone. And even the people who are teaching this stuff forget the tools and have to pick themselves up.

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