How am I doing at self care?

Understand where you fall on a self care rating scale. Enjoy the process of the quiz and know that these results are feedback.

I take time to be alone and dialogue with myself, either through journaling, meditating, or another way I get in touch with myself.

I have good energy levels.

I have a positive relationship with my body.

The friends and family that I surround myself with...

When I have stress I can reconnect my human and primitive brains and slow down to make good choices.

When I am overwhelmed I have coping skills to support my stress.

I do specific things for self care.

I often slow down and communicate with myself deeply to understand what I'm feeling.

I read books, listen to podcasts, and/or watch shows that help me to care for and uplift myself.

I know what fuels me and keeps me balanced.

I worry what people think about me.

I eat healthy food.

I use exercise to fuel my body.

I have a connection to a power greater than me and feel spiritually supported in my journey for self love.

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