11 Transformative Lessons

Anger Management Through Self Love

Discover a True Love of Self

Connect Compassionately with Your Anger

Influence Your Triggers

Feel Empowered With Effective Tools

Happily Connect With Your Inner Wisdom

Manage anger with self love. This course is packed with videos, and activities guiding you on a step by step journey to make friends with yourself and your anger.

Anger Management Through Self Love

Discover that you are capable of fulfilling relationships.

Program Lessons
Lesson 1: Introduction to the Work
Lesson 2: What is Self Love – To put you in the perfect mindset
Lesson 3: Why Manage Anger – More reasons than you think
Lesson 4: Triggers – So you can identify and love them
Lesson 5: Connect With Your Anger – It’s a life long love
Lesson 6: Cognitive Strategies – For your empowerment
Lesson 7: Radical Acceptance – It is what it is
Lesson 8: The Ego – It’s not as scary as you think
Lesson 9: Journaling – An Amazing Cognitive Skill
Lesson 10: Communication – Now you’re ready to solve problems
🌟Lesson 11🌟 Walk away with a plan that you have already been applying

Have you decided your peace is a priority? 

Deepen your connection with yourself while holding the power of your anger. Enroll in “Anger Management Through Self Love” today, and start shifting your perspective of this part of you. Work WITH yourself.
Don’t wait any longer to embrace the life you were meant to live.


With our raving fan guarantee, there is no risk: 

You will be a raving after 30 days or you will get your money back.

🌟 Love Yourself and Own Your Life & Actions🌟




Raving fan guarantee – If you are not a raving fan after 30 days we will refund your money.

Connect with yourself and the people in your life using  empowering skills.

How many more days, weeks, and hours will you spend allowing anger to rule your life?

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