Love Yourself Resources

We all have this shared need to be connected, but the first connection is to yourself. 

Enjoy these free resources to help you become more self-aware and emotionally intelligent. Love yourself through this process.

More resources are being uploaded as we create them, so check back soon.

Comprehensive list of distractions that support coping skills. Use these when your emotions are high.

After letting go of old, toxic energy, it is time to reflect. You can print this paper out, or copy the prompts in your favorite journal.

When you have a situation where someone has irritated you, or crossed a line, take some time to challenge your thinking.

A very short exercise to determine your deepest values and reflect about how someone with your values might show up.

Are you wondering how to trust yourself again? Take some time with your journal and work on this aspect of your self love.

While working with and exploring your boundaries, a final step is for you to create a manifesto that will keep your boundaries solid.

Want more happiness? Use this activity to soak in your most beautiful moments. This is a mindfulness exercise that allows you to be present.

What are things that you could be thinking while triggered?

When you identify a thinking trap, you can begin to overcome it.

If you are having a hard time communicating your needs, try this simple communication format.

Practice these thoughts as a way to re-wire your brain. Use them during times of stress.

Take healthy problem solving to the next level with these specific sentence stems.

Use these activities as ways to complete the stress cycle based on your unique interests and self love practice.

A list that you can use to think about what you are allowed to say no to.

Our mission is to train you to love yourself fully and confidently because when you love yourself, that energy ripples out into the world. Because of this, everyone benefits from your presence. Also, self-love provides you the strength to face all adversity as you transform into a world-healer.
Shared Lotus offers educational programming that is designed to help you be happier, more confident, and enjoy life to the fullest. For instance, you can purchase a self love program or class to take online. Furthermore, you can sign up for a workshop, or consider an in-person retreat (coming soon).
Happiness and self love are a matter of mindset combined with values. Self love is possible! In fact, this is the place where you can start to change your life with self love. On top of that, start the journey with a community here, or in our Facebook Group: Confidently Love Yourself.
Truly, self love is a healing exercise and we have both free and paid programs for beginners and advanced learners.
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