Communicate with Self Love

Do you feel like you communicate successfully? When you talk with others do you stay true to your self love journey? Or do you tend to yell, avoid, or shut down?

Your self love journey will involve being able to talk to others while communicating your boundaries, listening to their needs, and finding a common ground. But how do communicate with self love?

Ask Questions

Start conversations by asking questions that are designed to help you truly understand the other person. Questions like:

  1. What happened?
  2. Can you help me understand…?
  3. What made you decide…?
  4. How did you come to this conclusion?
  5. What is your prediction?

These will really help you know what the other person is thinking and you can decide what you would like to do next.

Come to Agreements

As you begin to understand the other person, you can advocate for yourself. To do this, you need to remind them that you just heard what they were saying and ask them if they can hear what you have to say. Then let them know what you hope to get them to agree to so you both can go forward. After you have said your piece, keep talking until you have something that you both can live with. Unless the person in your life is very toxic, this should be manageable. 

Want a Format to Follow?

There are many ways out there that you can research on how to communicate. I like a restorative formate with paraphrasing and probing and have put together a format that I use all there time here:



Dr. Autumn Thomas

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