8 Transformative Lessons

Healing Your Inner Layers

The Deep Work




Understand and change toxic reactions from your past.

Start and continue a dialog with your inner layers while loving them and your current self.

Nurture and build trust with yourself to increase confidence.

Protect yourself with loving boundaries.

Free yourself from past guilt and cultivate a loving relationship with yourself.




Raving fan guarantee – If you are not a raving fan after 30 Days you will get a full refund.

Have a confident and loving relationship within yourself through video lessons, journal prompts, meditations, and visualizations. 

People working through this program should have solid coping skills, a strong self love practice, and access to a metal health provider or coach if they need to work through past trauma.

Nurture the tender layers within you through these captivating teachings. There still is an innocent and loving child in there that can shine again.

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