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Is it Selfish to Love Myself in Times Like These?

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With all of the problems facing the world today, there is a fundamental question that you might be facing: Is it selfish to love myself in times like these? 

The short answer is: no.

If you need more convincing, just ask yourself the following questions:

Why Would You NOT Love Yourself?

To start, I’d like you to ask yourself this question: What does working on my self love actually take away from the world?

There are depressing and hard things happening on a global scale. Because of this, taking care of yourself with coping skills, healing practices, brain science, spirituality, etc, is something you need to chose each day. Your self love is a mindset that will support you through uncertainty.

Has NOT Loving Yourself Helped You?

When the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you might feel like you must give more of yourself to others. As a result you will worry about others more than yourself.

Selflessness is a virtue in many societies and you might feel that you must give to be good. 

I’m going to challenge you to understand that self love and selflessness can exist at the same time. 

In short, if you are feeling that you must only be selfless, then you risk burning yourself out. If you ignore your self love, you can enable others by having a lack of boundaries with them.

While you are investing time in the relationship you have with yourself and love for yourself, you will find that self care is essential. As a matter of fact, there is more evidence that rest can actually be a form of resistance to the forces that are doing us all harm. This will give you the strength and resilience to make decisions that are more loving, overall.

By neglecting self love, how are you actually helping anyone?

Has NOT Loving Yourself Helped Others?

What do you model for others when you are in a space of neglecting yourself? 

Loving yourself means that you have healthy boundaries, which allows those around you to learn about their own capacity to trust themselves.

Furthermore, if you are not loving yourself, you are allowing others to devalue you. Consequently, they might take that behavior into their other relationships and harm others.

But on a global scale, has loving ourselves got us into the situations that we are in now? Has a culture of self love and acceptance brought us to the challenges we are facing as a human race?

No, we are here due to egoic thinking. We are here because the humans with the most power and money have led with selfish and dominating intentions.

The world is in this state because  those in power actually practice the opposite of self love. Self love is not narcism and that’s the conclusion.

Self Love Could Be The Ultimate Answer

Think about it. If you were healed and whole. And the people around you were healed and whole. This article would be pointless.

You are investing in a dream when you work on your self love. The work you are doing on yourself flows out. Learning the skills to love yourself to the point that you can work through anything with a sense of wisdom and joy, will only HELP the world.

It is really about a vision for the future. Dr. Shawn Ginwright describe 4 Pivots we can take as a society to move to healing. In his book he describes self love and self care as essential.

Your self love is about the picture you have of the future. Equally important, you are shifting for yourself. Life is short, and your self love does not need to wait.

At the very least, it will do no harm to love yourself.

Dr. Autumn Thomas

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