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Loving Yourself – The Big Kahuna Program

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This is the program for people who want a BIG PROGRAM with a ton of lessons.


Loving Yourself – The Big Kahuna has a little bit of everything that is included in many of our other programs.

This is a comprehensive program with enough content to transform your relationship with yourself.

This course is PACKED:
Unit 1: Inner Child and Value Exploration
Unit 2: Loving Boundaries
Unit 3: Gratitude
Unit 4: The Neuroscience of Loving Yourself
Unit 5: Forgive and Release
Unit 6: Self Care and Self-Esteem
Unit 7: Communication and Conflict Management
Unit 8: Loving Yourself in Good Times and Bad


What’s Included

***LOVE YOURSELF with this course!!

These lectures will guide you through a comprehensive study of how to love yourself to the point that you enjoy your life, increase your self-esteem, and find joy. Included in this course are:

*Journal Prompts
*Worksheets (you can answer in your journal)
*Coping Skills
*And More..

This course builds on itself beginning with inner child work, learning how to set loving boundaries, living in gratitude as a form of self-love, the neuroscience behind self-love, forgiveness, self care and self-esteem, communicating and resolving conflict, and loving yourself in good times and bad.

Use this course to heal from self-abandonment and low self-worth. This course has many links to resources for you to further your own study or just use the course as a stand-alone resource. With many meditations and skill development resources, you will see your love for yourself rise.

You can take all the time you need to move through this course and practice skills over and over again. You will also have access to the course creator through the online community.

***You are worthy of loving yourself. ****

Dr. Thomas has been educating students for over 20 years and found that her ability to support people with successful social emotional skills was the most fulfilling work she had done. She also found that once her students were able to value themselves, love themselves, and trust themselves, they were able to reach amazing heights with anything they put their mind to.

This course was created out of self love and is a product of the mission of Shared Lotus: We want to train you to love yourself fully because when you love yourself, that energy ripples out into the world. Everyone benefits from your presence. If you can love yourself enough, you can face all adversity as you transform into a world-healer.

Don’t wait any longer to embrace the life you were meant to live.
🌟 Love Yourself and Own Your Life & Actions🌟




Reconnect to a part of yourself that is asking to be let out.

Have the conversations with yourself that guide your best decisions.

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