Self Love Connects You to Your Higher Power

Is self love selfish or bad?
That is a question I see out there a lot.
But here’s what I want you to think about. Every religion or spiritual practice centers itself on love. Some would even say that “God is love.” 
Therefore, if God or a Higher Power is a creator, even your creator, why would your Higher Power not want you to love and value yourself? If a higher power created you in their image, and wants you to love them, why would self love not be a part of that equation?
I’m even going to argue that self love connects you to your Higher Power, if you are looking to deepen that relationship.

The Stages of This Connection

You Begin to Realize That You Want to Love Yourself

To start, you notice that you are possibly begin hard on yourself. You might feel down, have a low self-esteem, or worse.

Slowly, you realize that there is more to this and begin to wonder if it is even possible to love yourself. You know there must be more to this. This is also how seekers of a Higher Power or spiritual guidance start.

Intuitively, you know that you are worthy of self love. This is more than just pride or vanity, which is sometimes seen as a “sin” in religion. In contrast, you realize you are looking for something more meaningful.

Where did this idea come from? Did you feel it in your soul? Sit and listen, your Higher Power is calling you to love.

You Explore Ways to Fall in Love with Yourself

As you begin to explore, you find yourself running into inspiration. You find practices that continually refer to how miraculous it is that you are here. 

No one’s journey is the same, but if you look around, you will see encouragement to look at the marvels that have been created for you to enjoy. You might learn meditation, coping techniques, healing the inner child, and reading personal development books. 

You will realize that you can follow joy as a part of self love. This will connect you to the awe that your Higher Power wants for you.

You Will Hear Your Higher Power

A self love journey involves so much healing and learning. It is a continual practice that involves following clues. These clues are left for you by someone. 

Even if your Higher Power is the collective human healing experience, those who came before you are leaving you information. Your path will be full of love from this Universe or God. Your path will be yours and only your Higher Power will know all the details with you. 

Sit quietly and listen closely.

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