Live! Starts January 2, 2024
Tuesdays 6:00pm Mountain Time
(Recordings will be available)

Trust Your Intuition – A 5-Week Live Workshop

Raving fan guarantee – If you are not a raving fan by the end of this workshop, you will get a full refund.

Start 2024 on the right foot by trusting your intuition.

Work with others to reconnect with that part of you that knows what you need.

Heal from self-doubt and grow into your confidence.

Meet with Dr. Autumn Thomas and work through different stages of self-trust and self love techniques that will connect you with a deep source of strength.

Tuesdays Starting January 2nd, 2023
6:00 pm Mountain Time
(recordings will be available)

Trust Yourself

You are capable of making choices that are best for you without guilt.

Workshop Outline
Week 1: When did you disconnect?
Week 2: Acceptance of failure and shadow self
Week 3: Getting to know yourself – Values and more
Week 4: Connect to your gut
Week 5: The balance of self- trust and boundaries

Have you decided your peace is a priority? 

Deepen your connection with yourself while holding the power of your self confidence. 
Don’t wait any longer to embrace the life you were meant to live.
🌟 Love Yourself and Own Your Life & Actions🌟




Reconnect to a part of yourself that is asking to be let out.

Have the conversations with yourself that guide your best decisions.

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