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Applying Mindfulness to Your Day

As you venture onto your self love journey, it is important to consider that your mind will always be filling you up with thoughts because that is its job. These thoughts can sometimes sabotage your efforts so mindfulness is a good way to sort through that.

Applying mindfulness to your daily life can bring you a different kind of energy, because you are aware of your thoughts, but you are then bringing your focus back into the moment that you are in. Also, you can direct your mind to refocus on your own goals.

During Happy Times

During happy times, you can bring in mindfulness by noticing the moment and celebrating it in your mind.

Try to be fully in all the happiest times that you are available for. This is the art of being present.

When you notice that your mind is drifting off to what you “should” be doing, bring your mind gently back to the moment and soak it in.

Try out this ROSE activity that I use with all my students and in many of the Shared Lotus Programs Take a look and apply it to all your happy moments.

During Harder Times

When moments are harder and more stressful, slow down and notice your thoughts.

Are your thoughts trying to protect you or rationalize so you can cope with a situation.

Can you be present in this moment and start to consider it from a different angle? Do you need to take space and re-center yourself before moving on with this situation?

Could you be falling into a thinking trap?

Your Mind is a Garden

You mind is a garden so you want to notice your thoughts when they come up. This is not easy because we tend to work on automatic pilot a lot.

But if you are making this a regular practice, you will start to understand you mind a little better and see what thoughts you are feeding your garden.

This activity is a part of our “Filling Your Cup” online program, which offers many ways to help you center on your self-love journey.

Other ways to be mindful are to reflect in a journal each day, learn mindfulness meditation, or practice breathing and visualization.

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