Building the Energy for Self Love

You were given this precious body to experience life with and what better way to fill your cup than to give it some energy.

Deepak Chopra states, “Every day, your body consciously tends to you, never losing focus or attention. You can acknowledge this faithful service by consciously relating to your body in turn.”

When you feel emotions in your body you should label them, connect with them, and release them. There is a more detailed way to do this in our program called “Techniques for Self Love and Acceptance.”

We tend to ignore emotional signals because we are taught that our body is just doing what it needs to do while our minds, hearts, and souls, are doing the real work.

Just like the work you are doing to have loving boundaries and build up your energy with our other activities, your body is in need of your loving care as well.

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Why does energy help?

On the quantum level, your body is made up entirely of energy 

With this list: Joyful Distractions, there are a lot of physical movements suggests to keep take your mind off of stress. These include going for a jog, lifting weights, stretching your muscles, or doing yoga. All of these can increase the energy in your body through creating fun moments with movement.

Movement clears out your brain with the the growth factor called BDNF, which was mentioned in the Neuroscience of loving yourself. This chemical helps you to fill your cup and help you think more clearly.

Regular exercise of just 30 minutes a day can boost your energy through increase nutrient absorption and oxygen. It also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s by 60% (John Medina, Brain Rules, 2014)

Next steps

It’s all about finding the exercise that you actually enjoy doing. If you like to walk, do that, if you want to have stronger muscles, start a weight training regime.

The biggest goal of exercise and loving yourself, is to listen to your body and do something that makes you happy. Follow joy to your workout routine, but definitely get going because it helps your body communicate with you, increases your energy, and helps you live longer in this life you are loving.

Take time to make a list of activities that you like doing and make a plan to do this. 

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