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How to Live Fearlessly

Living fearlessly is something that frees you to grow into exactly who you were meant to be. That type of life is one in which you have a vision for your life and a plan on how to get there. 

Fearless living involves a lot of healing, forgiveness, acceptance and love, which is not what people usually imagine. It is not a wild and uncontrollable step towards risk-taking, it is actually a calm understanding of self.

If you want to live fearlessly, here are a few ways to do just that.

Healing is Where to Start

To be fearless you have to start healing. Healing is not an easy path and it will test all of your fears and anxieties. You will have to go through these things instead of avoiding them. 

The fearful people stay in it and never work through it. They allow these things to control all of their behaviors and choices, while denying that the fear, anger, and anxiety exists. 

Beginning to be fearless means facing things you have suppressed and seeing how they are coming out in your daily behaviors. Finding the right therapist, coach, and self love resources is a first step. Take it slow because it will be a test in your strength, but a GOOD test.

Forgiveness of Self

Forgiveness helps you release stones that weigh your heart down. You can work on forgiving others in various ways in order to release these burdens you carry.

But my suggestion is that you start to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for being hard on yourself. Forgive yourself for not showing up in the way you dream you show up. Keep forgiving everything that brings you any type of shame and humiliation. 

Inner child or inner layer healing can help with this because it focuses you on healing parts of you that are begging to be loved and recognized. 

Radical Acceptance of Two Things

You can apply radical acceptance to all areas of your life so that you can be present and aware. Yet, in this moment I want you to:

1: Start with radically getting to know an accept yourself. Work on understanding that you are truly unique. You have specific values and goals, which are your special experience on this planet.

2: Accept that there are people out there who will not love you for who you are. Fully understand that some people will not change no matter what you do (including parents and loved ones). This can free you to heal without the permission of anyone else.

Love Will Make You Fearless

Cultivate love on a regular basis. This means that you need to imagine people or things that bring up that feeling of total love in your body. Then, while you are feeling that love, quickly switch your mind over to sending that love to yourself and all situations you are in. 

Love life and and its craziness so you can learn anything you can to heal and keep on your self love path. On days when you cannot feel this, just be and try to do no harm, but keep thinking of all the gratitudes and things you love that you can. 

When you know you are doing things with love as your focus, then you know that you are making moves with no intent to harm. Each time you move in this way you can celebrate.

This is Just the Beginning

Fear is natural. We use other emotions to cover our fear like anger, righteous indignation, judgement, etc. As we start to become fearless, it is just the beginning of building a solid and loving relationship with our fear. 

The suggestions above are just examples of a healthy start, but this journey is yours so start where you feel called to, just don’t stop doing the work.

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