Self Love - Making a Powerful Moment

We remember our most profound moments. One way to express self love is to make a powerful moment for yourself.

Life unfolds as a series of peaks and valleys, each punctuated by our ordinary, everyday moments. Within this rhythm lies the opportunity to cultivate profound connections and transformative experiences. It’s in these calm spaces, between the highs and lows, that we have the power to shape our narratives and define our journey.

This realization struck me profoundly while revisiting “The Power of Moments” by Dan and Chip Heath (affiliate link), a book that explains the significance of creating memorable moments in our lives.

So how do you build powerful moments into your ordinary life? Here are 6 ways:

1. Break the routine

When you get into a hypnotic rhythm, one way to make a powerful moment is to break the routine. If you come home each day, make a meal, and then watch tv, then suggest to someone that you go for a walk. Then take advantage of that walk to connect with your loved one. Or pick a day of the week to go have an adventure after dinner.

2. Soak in a moment

Find the beauty in the ordinary with the ROSE activity (attached). This means, recognize the moment, observe everything around you, soak it in, and engrave it into your brain. I did this activity on a sunny day when I was teaching fifth grade and I can still remember one of my students’ faces, the big tree that was by us, the sun on my face, and a slight breeze. The regular moment is now a powerful memory for me.

3. Level up

If there is something that you are focused on or doing everyday, consider leveling it up. For example, I started paddle boarding out on a calm lake near my house. I would not stand up because I didn’t trust my balance or my ability to get back on the board if I fell. Even with this, I decided to challenge myself and level up. I had a friend come with me to help if I fell, and I stood up. I did this over and over again until it became routine. Now it is time for me to consider my next level.

4. Reflect

At the end of the day, consider moments that you had, which could be seen as ordinary, but might have been extraordinary. Think of a moment when someone was kind to you or went out of their way. You can find small moments of love and connection throughout your day, if you really look back. Daily journaling is a great way to notice the power of each day.

5. Celebrate growth

After working with a client for a few months, we noticed that they were able to reframe a thought they usually had. When they noticed that someone was giving them attitude, they were able to think, “well, that attitude is their problem, not mine.” Normally they would think something like, “I wonder what I did wrong?” and would spin-out with their thinking by trying to mind read, fawn, and people please. 

When we recognized this we did a little celebration and journaling. This is an example of looking back, noticing growth, and celebrating it.

6. Elevate an experience

If you know you are about to do something mundane and boring, but want it to be a better moment, elevate it. Here are some examples:
     -Spruce up a boring meeting by bringing some interesting food.
     -Play fun music while organizing your garage.
     -Make a special snack before watching a movie with a loved one.
     -Design a little scavenger hunt for pieces of a small love note.
You get the idea.


Not every moment is going to be powerful, but you CAN work on making your life as memorable as possible by making an effort when life gets a little boring. 

This practice is a great way to retrain your brain to focus on uplifting moments and change your mood. 

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