Can Self Confidence Be Learned?

If you are wondering: “Can self confidence be learned?” Then the short answer to this is yes, of course.

Yet, I understand that you are really asking, “How can self confidence be learned?”

Really, what are the steps for self confidence?

Self Confidence Begins With Healing

To learn self confidence, you must understand that there were many things that needed to occur for you to lose your confidence in yourself.

All of us have different reasons why we have moved from confident children, knowing we are wonderful and cute, to adults with less confidence. Everyone’s experience is unique in this way.

In one lifetime, you will go through the phase where you are conditioned to abandon yourself. The question is, will you step up and do what it takes to reconnect with that knowing and loving part of you?

To do that, you need to start with healing. There are many different modalities of healing currently. 

Self Confidence Comes From Your Mind

While going through various healing processes, you should consider how your brain and mind works.

During your younger life, your neurons were wired up in the best way for you to survive. Your brain is an organic system that responded to your environment. Because of this, it wired up to help you have the most amount of success for different situations.

Unfortunately, you might have adapted to situations that were toxic and negative. This means that some of your behaviors do not help your self-esteem. In fact, your low confidence behaviors might have served you to be safe in some way.

Knowing this, you have to be patient with your changes because they are hard wired into your brain. But remember, the brain is organic and can change. To make this happen, you must practice and work with it in a kind and loving manner. 

Confidence is Deep

Overall, your confidence is somewhere deep inside you. You will have to go through many layers to rediscover it. 

While you heal you will begin to invest time in a relationship with yourself and learn to trust yourself. Ultimately, self trust will lead to an unusual feeling: self confidence. But it will not be the type of self confidence that is arrogant or abusive, it will be a way you move through this world: Calm and Wise.

Now, go love yourself!!

Dr. Autumn Thomas

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