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Healing Your Inner Wounds

Imagine a photo album filled with snapshots of your past. As you flip through its pages, memories come rushing back, capturing pivotal moments that shaped who you are today. Some of these memories may bring warmth and joy, while others may stir up pain and sorrow. But what if I told you that within these snapshots lies one way to help heal your inner wounds and fostering personal growth? 

Welcome to the power of self-love and inner healing. 

In this post, we will explore how embracing healing your inner wounds can be a transformative tool in your journey towards healing. We will delve into using past pictures of yourself as a process of becoming your own nurturer and re-parenting your inner child. 

camera sitting on a Photo album

Exploring Pivotal Moments Through Old Photos

Exploring pivotal moments through old photos can be a powerful exercise in self-reflection and healing, allowing us to revisit the past and gain new insights into our own journey.

One particular aspect of this exploration is the process of becoming our own parent and nurturing ourselves with self-love. Just as we would comfort and nurture a child in need, we can extend the same compassion towards ourselves when faced with our inner wounds. By embracing self-love and treating our inner-selves with kindness, we can create a safe and nurturing environment for healing and personal growth. 

Becoming Your Own Parent: Nurturing Self-Love

One particular aspect of exploring pivotal moments through old photos is the opportunity to become our own parent, nurturing ourselves with self-love. Just as we would comfort and nurture a child in need, extending the same compassion towards ourselves when faced with our inner wounds can be a transformative experience.

The activity below is designed to encourage treating ourselves with kindness and allowing us to create a safe environment for healing. By becoming our own source of love and support, we can release blame and embrace self-forgiveness, opening the door to profound healing and inner peace.

An Activity to Connect with Your Inner Child

This activity (from the book Recovery of Your Inner Child) is an activity that brings you face-to-face with your inner layers.

First, find some pictures of your younger self. Look for pictures that represent pivotal times in your life.

While doing this exercise I found a picture of myself when I was around 7 or 8. I then found a picture of myself in high school, a time when I was very insecure.

Find your pictures and sit with those versions of you. Imagine that you are your own parent. You are YOU, though, not your actual parent.

Talk with those versions of you and let them know that you see that they were doing their best. Let them know that nothing that happened to them was their fault.

Tell them all the things you wish the adults around you would have told you. BE your own cheerleader and show those pictures of yourself some love.

While doing this, also release any guilt that might come up. One thing you must understand is that healing your inner child is not an insult to your parents or past care-takers. This is a personal journey.

Remember, too, that if hard memories come up for you, do not hesitate to get some outside mental health support. Find whatever resources available to you. Pay what you can afford or find free resources in your local area, investing time and money in your mental health now will save you so much pain and struggle down the road.

Heal Yourself and Heal the World

In a world that often prioritizes external validation and self-criticism, there is immense strength in treating ourselves with kindness and understanding.

By extending the same compassion we offer to others to our own selves, we create a nurturing environment for our inner wounds to heal. It is through self-compassion that we learn to be our own greatest ally, finding solace and support within ourselves – a wellspring of love and acceptance that is always available.

When we do this, we model it for others, as well. This type of energy has the potential to fully heal all of us.

Dr. Autumn Thomas

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